Kornit Digital Presents the Future of On-Demand, Sustainable Production at FESPA

Kornit Digital Ltd, a market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashion and textile production technologies, announced it is breaking the barriers for fulfillers and brands to realise the full potential of sustainable, digital production. The company is set to challenge the digital textile production status quo with a first of its kind experience at FESPA with an integrated showcase of its latest innovations of industry first solutions. These solutions present the future of new possibilities for high quality and productivity of on-demand, sustainable production, including the merging of the physical and virtual worlds.

Throughout the four day industry event the company will engage attendees with its portfolio of single-step, digital direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-fabric (DTF) production solutions based on its game changing MAX technology. These solutions allow fulfillers and brands to enjoy unmatched retail quality applications, including 3D, vinyl, screen, dye sublimation, and embroidery effects – all in one solution. Integrated with the powerful KornitX Workflow Solutions, customers can now take textile production from pixel to parcel to doorstep for a streamlined workflow process.

Furthermore, Kornit is setting the pace across industries - spanning apparel, sportswear, home décor, accessories, custom fabrics, and other diverse, high-fashion textile – with its end to end digitised production workflow and lean, agile and profitable just in time fulfillment. Kornit enables its customers to establish fast and integrated production workflows for superior quality and durability with a smaller physical footprint.

To enhance profitability and growth, fulfillers can capitalise on the most advanced technology and ecosystem to create new business relationships and answer opportunities quickly, while brands can partner with this growing network of Kornit enabled producers through Kornit’s unique Global Fulfiller Network and establish demand driven fulfillment models closer to the end consumer – eliminating waste and supply chain vulnerability.

“At Kornit, our vision is not only to produce superior technologies but also create better experiences for our customers, as well as their customers, whether it takes place in the physical world, the virtual world – or both,” said Omer Kulka, Chief Marketing Officer at Kornit Digital. “Kornit is committed to helping the industry eliminate waste to answer the sustainability imperative, while settling for nothing less than graphic brilliance and the most rigorous quality standards. Our line-up of revolutionary MAX technology driven production systems and innovative workflow capabilities convey that commitment – and we encourage those at FESPA to see it live.”

“As FESPA returns to a large scale event, we are excited to showcase our continued work alongside brands, creators, and fulfillers to solve their most difficult textile production challenges. Kornit’s relentless research and development, vision, diligence, and innovation will create a visionary experience for FESPA attendees – opening eyes to what digital can be, how it transforms the industry, and new ways to unleash creativity with the quality, durability, accessibility, and performance our marketplace desperately needs,” said Chris Govier, President at Kornit EMEA. “With Kornit’s latest innovations of sustainable, on-demand offerings, there’s nothing keeping our network of customers, partners, designers, and brands from achieving their own vision and driving the much-needed disruption the market requires.”